Prévost Transport, the official Retromobile carrier

Your exceptional vehicles deserve the PREVOST Group's logistical expertise.

For 40 years the PREVOST Group has been providing their expertise for transporting your prestige vehicles, not simply as a question of freight but also because it is the passion of a team of enthusiasts,

The Prévost Group now has 500 employees and 628 registered vehicles. The combined surface area of the group's sites is 50,000 m² including 21,000 which are covered. The company has always known how to successfully manage its growth, resulting in a current turnover of €64.6 Million.

A strategic presence for reactivity and competitiveness

With several sites in France (IDF, RA and PACA), the Prévost Group can transport your vehicles within France or Europe but also anywhere on the globe by land, air, or sea.

A specially adapted fleet for effective transportation


  • For Security: mobile units protected by our APSAD P3* security PC, geolocated vehicles
  • For Confidentiality: closed trailers
  • For Adaptability: temperature-controlled, tailboard for vehicle with low ground clearance, winch, stacker, two-man crew
  • For your collective requirements: uncovered car transporter that can load up to 10 vehicles. 

* Licence No. AUT-095-2115-06-10-20160455943

Issued by the Ile de France Interregional Commission for Accreditation and Control

*Loading capacities are given as an indication only and may vary according to the precise dimensions of the vehicles to be transported


This is the sole activity of our drivers (with no call for outsourcing) and they will ensure that your vehicle is collected and treated with all the respect it deserves.

 In addition, and according to your needs, the PREVOST Group can take charge of the customs procedures, the provision of tarpaulins ...

Expertise without limits

Our services are requested:

- in the context of motor shows: Geneva Motor Show, Frankfurt Motor Show, World Car Show, Epoqu'Auto, ...

- for rallies and other races: Tour de Corse, Rallye des Princesses, Tour Auto, LE MANS Classic, SPA Classic, ...

- during auctions.

- in the context of special events: press presentations, concession tours (product training), photo shoots, advertising or film shoots, etc.

- for research, creation and development: transport of concept cars, prototypes, models, automotive parts and equipment, cold and hot tests, etc.

- for private events: travel, purchase of a car (new or used), outings with friends, ...


A team of passionate professionals

To organise your transport, our experts can advise you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By entrusting us with your vehicles, every detail of your requirements will be respected (delivery requirements, tarpaulin supply, "white gloves" services, customs formalities, transportation by sea or air, ...) thanks to our teams' responsiveness and flexibility.


Dependable and diverse know-how

The PREVOST Group also transports goods with high added value, event transportation and industrial and air freight.

 And because the preservation of the environmental concerns everyone, our fleet now comprises 15% of vehicles that run on natural gas.

For all requests of information: [email protected]