Majzub Julian, Alfa Roméo

5th edition of the Vintage Revival Montlhery on 11 & 12 May 2019 at the legendary Linas-Montlhéry motor racing circuit

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For this 5th edition, the organisation has decided to pay tribute to ALFA ROMEO, grouping together as many of the Italian-made vehicles as possible.

Affiche Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2019
Affiche Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2019

Currently, 15 Alpha Romeos are registered to take part, including a fabulous 1939 308C, identical to the vehicle owned by the late motor racing driver Raymond Sommer, which he drove to victory in the World Drivers' Championship, and in which he beat the lap record on the Montlhéry circuit at an average of 239 km/h.

L'ancien pilote Raymond Sommer et son Alfa 308
Raymond Sommer, Alfa 308

Another 1924 RL type Targa Florio Alfa Romeo will be there, driven by the grandson of Ernest Eldridge (who set the land speed record in a Fiat SB4 Mephistopheles in Arpajon).

Alfa Romeo type RL Targa Florio de 1924
Alfa Romeo, type RL Targa Florio 1924

There will also be an Alfa Romeo Monza, which belonged to the late German racing driver Rudolf Caracciola (known for the many times he raced Alfa Romeos at the Montlhéry circuit, as well as – even more often – Mercedes), and many other wonders of the same make.

L'Alfa Romeo Monza de l'ancien pilote Allemand Rudolf Carraciolla
Alfa Romeo 8C Monza, Rudolf Carraciolla

And as in previous years, the Amilcar MCO will be there, as will the record Jappic cyclecar, and many other fabulous sports and racing vehicles from before 1940.

JAPPIC 350 CC 1925 conduit par Adrian Ward lors de la Brooklands Single Seater Racing
Jappic Brooklands Single Seater Racing 350cc

TERROT & MAGNAT-DEBON “Competition & Racing” will be the motorcycle make being showcased.

But that's not all, since in 2019, MORGAN will be 110 years old, while DARMONT will be celebrating its centenary, and so as many three-and four-wheeled vehicles will be present as possible.

Many Vauxhall cars will also be there to celebrate the centenary of the Vauxhall 30–98.

We are going to try and bring together as many Bédélia cyclecars as possible with a stand at the next Rétromobile in Paris.

The site will feature a market exclusively for pre-1940 spare parts as well as a number of other events all to do with the roaring 20s!


Not the track itself, but there will be an internal restructuring after the new works, and we are going to try and create a location map showing the new structures and car parks as quickly as possible. 

On the track, we still have 8 car stages, 2 motorcycle stages and the stage for motorcycles pre-1919 & Exceptional vehicles.

The exhibitors' park is open to pre-1940 vehicles of all types, with no price changes since 2011. It is free for vehicles of the make being honoured this year, provided they register.

For all information, visit or email: [email protected]