Rétromobile at the Grandes Heures Automobiles

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On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, Rétromobile will be taking part in the Grandes Heures de l’Automobile event, unveiling the new poster for the 2018 Rétromobile show and four unusual vehicles undergoing dynamic demonstrations.

Three prototypes designed by French engineer Victor Bouffort

The unique 1947 three-wheel prototype powered by a Terrot engine: with a tubular chassis and 4 hp Renault front powertrain, the rear transmission system and engine are from a Terrot 500 RGST motorcycle.

The 1950 Valmobile: this magic 70 cm long suitcase could transform into a scooter in only two minutes.

The 1968 Minima: A two-seater city car with sliding doors, a 30 hp engine and a top speed of 120 km/h. Victor Bouffort had plans to mass-produce this car and to make them freely available in special areas in towns and cities

The Lucertola

This small vehicle – of which only 24 copies were ever built in Italy in the 1970s – was powered by the small two-cylinder engine from the Fiat 500. The 4 rear wheels were powered.

The model on show was used for humanitarian missions by the Doctor Maggi in Cameroon. One of the more unusual and extremely rare aspects of this particular Lucertola is that it still has its caterpillar tracks


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2017 for an event that will feature numerous events and many legendary and unusual vehicles.

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