News Rétromobile 2018 : exhibit-sale of vintage cars with top prices of 25,000 euros

Published on by Elodie Chauderlot - updated on

Collecting classic cars has always been seen a hobby for the wealthier members of society. But Rétromobile proves that in fact, the opposite holds true by carrying on with its tradition of presenting cars that more people can afford, expanding its offering this year with a number of models over 30 years old (before 1989), with top prices of €25,000, including VAT.

Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche… When you think of the old models which have shaped automotive history, these are the illustrious makes that usually spring to mind. However, a world away from a Bugatti Royale or a Porsche 911, many other old models are available for sale at very reasonable prices. In fact, for many people, collecting classic cars is a way of nostalgically reliving their favourite memories through the vehicles associated with them.

Rétromobile 2018 will be bigger than in previous years. It is moving to Hall 3 of the exhibition centre, and will feature areas where professionals and individuals can exhibit vehicles worth €25,000 (including VAT) or less.

The package includes an unfitted area of +/- 12.5 m2 for the five days of the show, together with an exhibitor's entry badge. Total tariff: €404 including VAT (€270 excl. VAT + €80 automatic insurance)

Since this package is for both professionals and individuals, you can consult the exhibitor area of our website, or contact Emmanuel Cohédali, our exhibition manager, for more information about it.

Feel free to join the Rétromobile adventure... an adventure which involves more than 120,000 people every year – irrefutable proof of its high profile and of the benefits it brings.