"Buying a classic car is always a difficult decision. The aim of Rétromobile is to help you ask yourself the right questions."

What budget do I need to buy a classic car?

To work out your budget, you need to include three costs: the sale price of the vehicle + maintenance costs + administrative costs (insurance, vehicle registration, etc.).

What type of vintage car do I want to buy?

You need to ask yourself several questions about choosing your vintage car. Many people may have already chosen their car according to their tastes, but if you are still undecided, consider these criteria. First, think about the make that you might like: a make that still exists (Porsche, Renault, Bentley, etc.) or a make that is no longer manufactured (Delahaye, Simca, Facel Vega, etc.). Don’t forget that maintenance costs for a make that no longer exists can be higher, because the spare parts for classic cars will be hard to find. Next, think about the category of vintage car that you want (sports car, saloon, etc.) and its era. Indeed, the era of the car is important: it could be a pre-war car, a post-war car or a Youngtimer.

For what use do I want to buy a classic car?

It is important to ask this question because how you use your classic car is going to affect several factors, as we will see later. You may want to just drive your vintage car (for pleasure), take part in vintage car rallies or gatherings, or consider it as an investment.

Two men looking at the engine of a red car at the Rétromobile show

Where can I get information about buying a classic car?

There are a number of different ways of getting information on classic cars and where to buy them: on Internet (beware of the sources), in the trade press, from owners, clubs, garages, and also in specialist exhibitions such as Rétromobile.

Where can I park my vintage car?

You must, of course, arrange for somewhere to park your collector vehicle. You can’t park a collector car in the street or in an open-air car park. Even if it’s just to avoid security problems, and to prevent any intrusions or problems caused by bad weather, you should consider a secure facility such as a lock-up garage or shelter.

Once you have answered all these questions, you can start looking for your dream classic car

But where can you buy one? you have four possibilities:

  • From an individual
  • From a trader
  • In a classic car auction
  • At specialist exhibitions: Rétromobile