FCA Heritage: a multitude of services

FCA Heritage will enhance its heritage

The Stellantis Group's Heritage Department will be present through its brands Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia, which this year will be highlighting their activities to preserve, enhance and promote heritage through their FCA Heritage Department. On the menu: an Alfa Romeo SZ from 1989, an Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Sprint from 1956, an Abarth 850 TC from 1964 and the Lancia 037 from 1982.

In recent years, the Fiat Group (Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia), now part of the Stellantis Group, has brought together its activities to preserve, restore and promote its heritage assets within an entity known as FCA Heritage. At Rétromobile, visitors can discover the wealth of services provided, but also its collections, with the display of a 1989 Alfa Romeo SZ, a 1961 Abarth 850 TC and the famous Lancia D25 SS racing car from 1954, which has never competed in a race.

For each of its Italian brands, the FCA Heritage department is able to offer, under the "Classiche" label, vehicle maintenance, replacement parts, and certification. In the latter case, working in close collaboration with the Stellantis heritage department, the FCA Heritage brands can issue both a certificate of origin and a certificate of authenticity. The certificate of origin validates the vehicle's original production and configuration information based on its chassis number. The certificate of authenticity validates the authenticity of the vehicle following a rigorous process conducted by a specialist team to inspect and verify its components and mechanical operation. Now on the eve of its 113th anniversary, Alfa Romeo is the latest to adopt the Classiche programme.