The Club des Teuf Teuf shines a spotlight on the Darracq brand at Retromobile

Founded in 1935, the Teuf Teuf club has nearly 130 members with a passion for vehicles produced before the First World War. This year, the club is celebrating the Darracq brand, with a presentation of five vehicles which will be accompanied by an Alcyon and a Salmson cyclecar that you will discover in a live demonstration on the pavilion 7.3 car park.

The Club :

The Club des Teuf-Teuf, Veteran Car Club is the oldest classic car club still active in France. Its members are mainly from France but also from abroad with many British, Irish, Belgian, Dutch, German, Swiss, Italian and even American members.

The club is composed of two sections: the Ancêtres (from the earliest days to the end of 1905) and Vétérans (from 1906 to 1918) then the 18-32 section, which correspond to the birth of the modern car.


This year the Darracq brand is highlighted on the exhibition with the presence of five vehicles produced by the carmaker:


1,200 units built between 1900 and 1902

Single-cylinder 785 cc engine, delivering 6.5 horsepower

Gearbox with 3 gears plus reverse

Bodywork: original detachable tonneau manufactured by Ets. Vedrine in Courbevoie.

The success of the Type C made it possible to start manufacturing Darracq cars.


1901 TYPE C DARRACQ © Le Club des Teufteuf


1904 Type H DARRACQ

2360cc twin cylinder engine, delivering 12 horsepower

Gearbox: 3 gears plus reverse

Bodywork: deluxe square tonneau

The deep drawn chassis is an innovation manufactured by the Arbel factories in the North of France.


1904 Type H DARRACQ © Le Club des Teufteuf



4-cylinder 2400 cc engine with 14 bhp taxable horsepower

Gearbox: 3 gears plus reverse

Bodywork: double phaeton

This car was used in the film "Chocolat" driven by Omar Sy, and in "La Garçonne".


1910 Type RRX DARRACQ © Le Club des Teufteuf

1913 Type TT13 DARRACQ

4-cylinder 1600 cm3 engine with 11 hp taxable horsepower

Gearbox: 4 gears plus reverse

Bodywork: factory torpedo, 4 seats and 3 doors.


1913 Type TT113 DARRACQ © Le Club des Teufteuf


4-cylinder 1940 cc engine with 11 hp taxable horsepower

Gearbox: 4 gears plus reverse

Bodywork: 2 seats, Smith & Waddington, made in Sydney, Australia.

Darracq became Talbot-Darracq after its English subsidiary bought it and integrated it into the STD group (Sunbeam Talbot Darracq)


1920 Type 15 DARRACQ

© Le Club des Teufteuf

These will be accompanied by an Alcyon and a Salmson cyclecar, two iconic models.

All these vehicles will be displayed in a live demonstration outside pavilion 7, twice a day.


1907 7/8 hp model

Single cylinder 728 cc engine

Gearbox 3 gears plus reverse

The name Alcyon chosen by the founder Edmond Gentil is a reference to the mythological bird to designate elegance and lightness.

Alcyon produced cycles from 1902, motorbikes in 1904 and then cars from 1905 to the end of the First World War. The brand lasted until 1958.

The advertising of the time made the ALCYON single cylinder "the doctor's real car" due to its robustness. 


1907 ALCYON © Le Club des Teufteuf

1925 Type3 SALMSON

4-cylinder 1086 cc water-cooled engine developing 18 hp at 3200 rpm.

Gearbox with 3 gears plus reverse, rear axle without differential.

Technical particularity: for each cylinder, the same cam operates the intake and exhaust valves through a single rocker arm, hence the name "single rocker arm" (mono-culbuteur) given to this engine

After producing aircraft and aircraft engines, the Salmson Company based in Billancourt started producing cars in 1919. The first model was a GN manufactured under licence. In 1921, the first model designed by Salmson appeared: the AL type, of which the VAL3 is a derivative. 


SALMSON Type VAL3 de 1925 © Le Club des Teufteuf


The members of the Club des Teuf Teuf will be delighted to meet visitors and talk about these mechanics of another era… They’re over 100 and still going strong!