The Aventure Citroën stand recounts 80 years of history through its flagship models

The Aventure Citroën stand bears witness to the ‘chevron brand’s’ long-standing tradition in grand tourers. Rediscover these models that shaped the history of the brand, and that of the French car industry, over more than eight decades.

La Rosalie

From the famous Rosalie, which is celebrating its ninetieth birthday, to the latest C5 X, which combines the influences of an estate car and a saloon, Citroën can look back on a long tradition of grand tourers. Their performance is the envy of many. From its earliest days, the Rosalie was the talk of the town. Thanks to the commitment of Yacco oils, Citroën set many records on the Linas-Montlhéry autodrome. Equipped with a streamlined body, the Rosalie II covered 100,000 km at an average speed of 108 km/h in the spring of 1932, setting 60 international records and 30 world records in the 2 to 3 litre category.

Citroën : Usine de production Rosalie
Citroën : Rosalie of all records

The ‘queen of the road’: Traction Avant

With the Traction Avant, launched in 1934, the brand from the Quai de Javel set a new standard. Innovative in more ways than one, this saloon designed by André Lefebvre set new standards in terms of the travel experience. The Traction Avant reached its peak in 1938 with the six-cylinder engine 15 version. This model earned the justified title of ‘queen of the road’.

Citroën : Traction Avant model of Flaminio Bertoni

The avant-garde make

In the early 1970s, Citroën renewed the genre with the CX. Its hydro-pneumatic suspension contributed to its excellent road performance. The avant-gardism of the chevron brand can be seen elsewhere on the stand with the display of a 2 CV Sahara, a model with four-wheel drive and two engines.

Citroën Traction Avant