Dynamic demonstrations

Every year, dynamic demonstrations

are organized for the great pleasure of visitors!

February 5-9, 2020 – in front of Pavilion 1 - 10:30 – 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM

The Tank Museum

Animation Rétromobile 2020 démonstration dynamique

The Tank Museum of Saumur and his team will present the AMX 13 VCI. This Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a derivative of the AMX 13 tank. This armored troop transport of 13 tons which was used from 1957 to 1973, was powered by a large 8-cylinder, 8-liter. The velocity and speed of maneuvering of this tank will make the demonstrations even more impressive.

The Teuf Teuf Club

Animation Rétromobile 2020 démonstration dynamique

Dynamic demonstrations of century-old cars organized by the Teuf Teuf club. This special and magical moment allows visitors to ride in century-old cars and realize that they are still valiant.

Vintage Revival

Animation Rétromobile 2020 démonstration dynamique

The Vintage Revival team, which takes place every two years on the circuit of Montlhéry, invites a motorcycle enthusiast who comes from the Czech Republic. Pavel Malanik, he has just finished the reconstruction of two fabulous motorcycles from 1909. An English, the NLG double-cylinder 2700cc and a Czech, the Torpedo 4-cylinder 1640cc. These two mechanical beauties guarantee a beautiful show very emotional.