The Artists Gallery

Discover a new facet to the car in the Rétromobile show's artists' gallery

Rétromobile: it is also the great meeting of the artists! This show-within-a-show has more than 60 artists exhibiting over a 1000 m² area who have all chosen some form of locomotion as their subject matter – cars, motorcycles, aeroplanes or even trains. The artists' gallery is a crossroads for all sensibilities and all types of talent – either beginners or experienced artists – and features work by painters, sculptors and photographs. Their presence in Paris will herald unusual and moving meetings

Oeuvre de Bastian Söllner
Bastian Söllner
Oeuvre de Benj Freudenthal
Benjamin Freudenthal
Oeuvre de Psyko
Stanley Rose
Sandrine Blondel
Jacques Cochin
Oeuvre de F Barreiro
F Barreiro
Oeuvre d'Hatacha Toutain
Natacha Toutain
Karl Hugo Mars
Oeuvre de Jonny Ambrose
Jonny Ambrose
Jerome Bienvenu
Oeuvre de Michel Vaillant
Michel Vaillant
François Bruere
Ferencz Olivier
Richard Kelley - François Cevert, Watkins Glen 73
Richard Kelley
Jean-Pierre Hossann
Bourdonnais et Rapp, Jay Koka
Jay Koka
Bernard Canonne
Bruno des Gayets
Hendrike Müller
Caroline Llong
Yahn Janou
Bernard Asset
Patrick Brunet
B. Canonne
G. Lopez
S. Stampfer
Thurnherr Art Marquetry
Nicolas Dubost
Xavier Parent
Hervé Nys