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Detailed description

The Sauber C17 was the car with which the Sauber Formula One team competed in the 1998 Formula One season. It was driven by Jean Alesi, who joined from Benetton, and Johnny Herbert, who was in his third season with the team after an impressive 1997 season. 1998 confirmed Sauber's position as a respectable midfield runner unable to make the final breakthrough needed to become a top team.



    Officina Caira

    Since 2015, Officina Caira has offered at the enthusiasts the chance to buy Formula 1 single-seaters that have been competed the world championships from models dating back to the ‘70s to cars from the start of hybrid engines.
    Specialized in the purchase, restoration and sale of Formula 1 cars, the attention to detail brought to each single-seater that passes through its workshop has made its reputation.
    In addition to maintaining the patrimony of Formula 1, Officina Caira brings these cars back to life on circuit and pays particular attention to ensuring that they are driven by the drivers who have marked their history in Grand Prix.

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