Do you have a question? Have a look at the Exhibitors F.A.Q., the answer may already be there. Our teams will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. More information on the contacts page in the practical info section.

Exhibitor registration

  • What are the prerequisites to become an exhibitor?

    You can apply to exhibit at Rétromobile if your business activity falls within one of the following cases:

    • Automobile themed objects and clothing
    • Automobile themes publication
    • Car/motorcycle manufacturers
    • Classic vehicle hire
    • Distributor/importer of classic vehicles
    • Event organisers / venues / museums
    • Federations/Societies/Clubs
    • Financial institutions
    • Insurance
    • Media
    • Scale models
    • Security/Parking
    • Spare parts and accessories
    • Sporting event organisers
    • Technical / roadworthiness inspection
    • Technical tools / documentation
    • Vintage parts and automobilia

    If in doubt, don't hesitate to contact our sales team at [email protected]

  • Who are my contacts if I want to sign up?
    If you encounter any problems in registering for Rétromobile, please contact our sales team at [email protected]
  • Can several companies exhibit on the same stand?

    Yes, shared occupation is possible. To do so, the direct exhibitor or organiser of the group stand orders the following articles in the online store:

    • “Co-exhibitor pack” if several companies are sharing your stand,
    • “Direct collective pack” if you are in charge of a theme pavilion,
    • “Represented company pack” if you represent the products of one or several other companies.

    This purchase can also happen when you simulate your registration, or in the online store in your exhibitor area.

    Once the order has been placed, the main exhibitor must complete the information about their partners in the section “Partners > Declare my partners” in their exhibitor area. Once these have been entered, they must await the approval of the organiser in order for the partner companies to appear in the exhibitor list on the website.

  • Can I choose my stand location?
    You can tell your sales manager where you would like to exhibit, and they will do their best to accommodate you. You will receive notification of your stand position as soon as the plan is ready. To receive a stand location, you must pay the first instalment of your invoice.
  • What documents must I supply to register?
    As part of the registration process, you will be asked to supply a company registration document containing all your company details. If you are a foreign company, you will have to provide your community VAT number or a business certificate in order to be invoiced without VAT (although VAT is still payable on badges, invitations and parking spaces).
  • What is the deadline for signing up to exhibit?
    Subject to space availability, the deadline for registrations is 29 January 2024.
  • Who do I contact after my registration?
    Once you have signed up, your main contacts are the customer relations officers. You can contact them at [email protected].
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    You can pay for your participation at Rétromobile in several ways:

    • Cash: limited to €1,000 per exhibitor, to be handed over in person at the exhibitor desk during stand assembly.
    • Bank transfer: the organiser’s bank details are on your invoices and order forms. These documents can be found in your exhibitor area in the section “Financial area > Invoices & Payments”.
    • Credit or debit card: payments by card can be made in your exhibitor area in section “Financial area > Invoices & Payments”.
    • Cheque (French exhibitors only) made payable to COMEXPOSIUM – Salon Rétromobile; 70 avenue du Général de Gaulle ; 92058 PARIS LA DEFENSE CEDEX.
  • What are the insurance rules at the show?
    Insurance cover is mandatory as part of your registration for Rétromobile. You can find the exhibition’s insurance rules in your exhibitor area in the section “Practical information > Insurance regulations”.

Exhibitor area access

  • How do I get access to my Exhibitor Area?

    You can sign into your exhibitor area here or at this address:

    To sign in, click on “Log in” and enter the e-mail address and password used for your registration.

  • I’ve lost/forgotten my password to log in to my exhibitor area. How can I retrieve it?
    You no longer receive your exhibitor area access codes by post. If you lose or forget your password, simply click on “Forgot Password” and enter your e-mail address followed by “Submit”. You will automatically receive a link to reset your account, sent to the email address of the stand manager. To prevent it from being filtered into spam, you may wish to add the e-mail address [email protected] to your address book.
  • I have already exhibited at the show. Can I reuse my customer account to register for the new edition?

    Your customer account remains active from one year to the next. To sign up, visit your exhibitor area and use the username and password that you used for the last show.

    Please note that if you exhibit at several shows organised by Comexposium, your username and password remain the same from one event to another.

My stand and fittings

  • What are the different exhibiting options?

    We offer several types of exhibiting format. To find out more, contact our sales team at [email protected].

    You can also find details of our exhibiting options in the stand simulation tool.

  • Where can I find information about my stand?

    You can find the type of stand you ordered in your exhibitor area in the section “Financial area > Orders.”

    For further details on your stand type, please refer to the Exhibitor Guide.

  • Where can I find the architecture rules?
    You can find the architecture rules in the exhibitor guide, once it has been published.
  • I am building my own stand. To whom should I send my plans?
    If you have booked stand space only, please send your stand plans to: [email protected] by 8 January 2024.
  • How can I order additional services and options?

    You can order all the services relating to your stand (fitting out of a bare stand, electricity, furniture, car parking spaces, audio-visual equipment etc.) in the online store of your exhibitor area which will open in November 2023.

    You can pay for these services in several ways:

    • Bank transfer: the organiser’s bank details are on your invoices and order forms. These documents can be found in your exhibitor area in the section “Financial area > Invoices & Payments”.
    • Credit or debit card: payments by card can be made in your exhibitor area in section “Financial area > Invoices & Payments”.
    • Cheque (French exhibitors only) made payable to COMEXPOSIUM – Salon Rétromobile; 70 avenue du Général de Gaulle; 92058 PARIS LA DEFENSE CEDEX.
  • What the forms in the exhibitor area for?

    These forms must be completed and returned by all exhibitors to ensure that the show runs smoothly and safely.

    Please complete the “Safety notice” in the “Participation” section of your exhibitor area.

  • Where can I find all the different regulations, T&Cs, etc.?
    Rules and regulations can be downloaded from your exhibitor area in the section “Practical information”.


  • How many exhibitor passes am I entitled to?

    Your exhibitor badge allocation depends on the size of your stand (with the exception of clubs):

    • Under 30 sqm: 4 badges
    • From 30 to 70 sqm: 7 badges
    • Above 71 sqm + clubs: 10 badges

    You can order extra badges from the store in your exhibitor area.

  • How do I collect my exhibitor badges?
    Exhibitor badges can be collected from the exhibitor desk at the show, located in pavilion 1, starting on Sunday 28 January 2024. Badges will only be issued if you have settled your stand invoices. If you have not done so by stand assembly time, please bring a means of payment with you.
  • How can I buy additional exhibitor badges?
    You can order extra badges from the store in your exhibitor area.


  • Am I entitled to invitations?

    E-invitations are included in your exhibitor pack, according to stand size:

    • Under 30 sqm: 8 e-invitations.
    • From 30 to 70 sqm: 15 e-invitations.
    • From 71 to 150 sqm: 20 e-invitations.
    • Above 150 sqm: 25 e-invitations.
    • Clubs: 10 e-invitations.
  • Am I entitled to invitations for the preview evening?

    Rétromobile will be holding a preview evening on Tuesday 30 January 2024 from 7pm to 10pm. Depending on the size of your stand, you are entitled to a specific number of invitations:

    • Under 30 sqm: 3 e-invitations to the preview evening.
    • From 30 to 70 sqm: 6 e-invitations to the preview evening.
    • From 71 to 150 sqm: 8 e-invitations to the preview evening.
    • Above 150 sqm: 10 e-invitations to the preview evening
    • Clubs: 3 e-invitations to the preview evening.
  • How can I buy additional invitations?
    You can order extra invitations from the store in your exhibitor area.

Communication / Catalogue

  • How do I register for the Rétromobile catalogue?
    You can register for the exhibition catalogue in your exhibitor area in the section “Communication and catalogue”.
  • Where can I generate and download the exhibition’s media kit?
    You can download the media kit in your exhibitor area.
  • How can I order promotional tools?
    To order promotional tool, visit your exhibitor area in the “Shop” section.
  • Where can I distribute my press kits?
    Drop off your press kits and press releases when you arrive at the show in the Press/Influence lounge.

Orders & Invoices

  • I haven’t received my invoice, where can I find it?

    You will find your invoice in your exhibitor area in the section “Financial area > Invoices and payments”. If it does not appear, this is because the invoice has not yet been issued by our billing department. You will receive an e-mail to notify you when your invoice is issued. If you have delegated payment to a third party, please contact them directly.

    Invoices and credit notes are only sent by post, but they are archived in your exhibitor area.

  • How do I change / cancel an order?

    Exhibitors can delete or modify an order which is still in their basket, meaning that they have not yet confirmed the order. If you need to change or cancel a confirmed order, please send your request to [email protected]. Once the modification has been noted by our teams, the exhibitor will receive a confirmation e-mail.

    Please note: you can only cancel or modify orders up until a certain date. Once the service has been delivered or installed, it is no longer possible to change or cancel it.

  • Where can I consult my orders?
    You can consult all your orders in your exhibitor area under the section “Financial area > Articles ordered”.
  • Can someone else place orders on my behalf?

    You may create users known as “participation contacts” in your exhibitor area. These people will be entitled to place orders and complete forms on your behalf. The person placing the order can also select who is going to pay for the order, by changing the invoicing address.

    The exhibitor nonetheless remains the ultimate decision maker. They can approve or reject all orders placed, which will be invoiced in their name. The exhibitor will receive an e-mail every time an action is initiated on their behalf.

  • How can I delegate orders to a stand fitter, a decorator or other service providers?

    If you wish to delegate orders to an external provider, you must first declare them in your exhibitor area. Go into “My Account” (little person icon) and click on “My decorators”. You will then be able to select an existing company or create a new one. Once you have entered the details, click to confirm. You will then be asked to enter the contact details of your decorator.

    Note: all orders placed by the decorator are billed to them directly. The exhibitor cannot see what orders are placed.

  • Where can I find the exhibition’s bank details?
    The exhibition’s bank details are at the bottom of your invoices and order forms.
  • How can I recover my VAT?
    For details on how to apply for a VAT refund, you can contact TEVEA INTERNATIONAL at the e-mail address : [email protected].
  • Can I pay in several instalments?

    Yes, you can pay for your participation in several instalments:

    • First instalment on registration: 15% of full amount.
    • 2nd instalment, before 31/07/2023, 35% of full amount.
    • Balance payment: by 31/12/2023.

    Any registrations made less than 30 days before the show must be settled in full at time of registration.

  • Are articles in the online store subject to a surcharge?

    The store in your exhibitor area closes on 23 January at 5pm CET. If you need to place an order after this date, please go to the exhibitor desk in pavilion 1 from Sunday 28 January.

    NOTE: orders placed at the exhibitor desk (with the exception of car parking spaces) are subject to a 20% surcharge and we cannot guarantee the availability and/or feasibility of all orders or requests.

Assembly / Dismantling

  • What are the stand assembly/dismantling dates?
    You can find the stand set up and dismantling dates in your exhibitor area and in your Exhibitor Guide.
  • I have a logistical query. Who can I ask?

    If you have a logistical query, you may find the answer in our Exhibitor Guide available in your exhibitor area.

    If the answer is not there, please contact us at [email protected].

Access to Exhibition Centre

  • What address should I send my equipment and fittings to?

    The address you should indicate is: RETROMOBILE 2024 - Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles – Company name and stand number – Name and mobile phone number of contact person on site - 75015 PARIS.

    Please note: deliveries and acceptance thereof takes place under the responsibility of the exhibitor and in their presence on the stand. The Exhibition Centre and exhibition organiser accept no responsibility.

  • How can I park my vehicle close to the pavilion during stand assembly?

    To guarantee safe and smooth traffic around the exhibition grounds during assembly and dismantling, vehicle access to the Porte de Versailles is regulated by Logipass. You can register your requests for vehicle access and enter your deliveries on the VIPARIS website.

    We draw your attention to the following points:

    • Passes are issued to vehicles and not to people or companies. You must apply separately for each vehicle driven by your employees, service providers and transporters.
    • All vehicles driving in the grounds must have a Logipass, even exhibited vehicles.
    • This pass is free of charge and should not be confused with exhibitor parking passes which are mandatory and subject to a fee, during exhibition opening days and hours.
    • If you cannot supply the vehicle registration number, enter AB123AB.

    On the website you will find instructions which will help you submit your application. Once you have received your Logipass, place the printed pass in your windscreen to enable security to see it and let you in.

    Please pass on this information to all companies and/or participants at the show. If you encounter a problem, please contact [email protected].

  • Where can I park my car during stand assembly?
    Car parking is free of charge during assembly and dismantling in the exhibition ground’s car parks.
  • Where can I park during the show?

    To order a parking pass, visit the online store in your exhibitor area. Passes are only issued once payment has been completed.

    Passes for light vehicles can be downloaded in your exhibitor area once you have completed your order. For other vehicle parking spaces, the passes can be collected from the exhibitor desk during stand assembly.

  • I have a disability: how can I get a parking space close to the exhibition?
    Please send an e-mail to [email protected].


  • Where can I find the exhibitor list?
    You can find the list containing all the Rétromobile exhibitors in the Exhibitors List section of our website.
  • I would like to organise a drinks reception on my stand. What do I have to do?
    If you wish to organise a drinks reception on your stand, you must first declare your caterer to Myriam Mottin (Exhibition Centre) on +33 (0)1 40 68 14 46, or by e-mail: [email protected].
  • Can I bring my dog to the show?
    With the exception of guide dogs, animals are not admitted to Rétromobile.