The Retromobile shop

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Classic cars lovers? Don't leave Retromobile 2022 without a collector souvenir

The Retromobile shop comes back with goodies specially designed for the 46th edition of the show!

Here you will find a selection of collector goodies exclusively available at the show from March 16 to 20, 2022

The Retromobile 2022 mug: €10

Mug Rétromobile 2021

The Retromobile 2022 keychain: €7

Porte clé Rétromobile 2022

The Retromobile 2022 rally plate: €10

The Retromobile hat: €15

Casquette Rétromobile
Casquette Rétromobile

The official poster of Retromobile 2022: €5

The old posters of Retromobile: €7

Anciennes affiches Retromobile

Special offer: 10 old posters for €50