voiture de collection, voiture ancienne - ateliers mécanique

The tutorials of Auto Plus Classic

Mechanics from Auto Plus Classiques were on-hand with free workshops where visitors can pick up easy maintenance tips for their classic cars!


This is key to reliability. Find out how often your car needs to be maintained. Learn what essential operations need to be carried out and get into good habits as far as replacing spark plugs and filters or changing the oil are concerned. You can also get advice on choosing the right lubricants and other fluids for your car.

Rocker arm settings

A regular maintenance operation which should be carried out as the valve seats wear, but one which often stumps classic car collectors. You will be taken through the procedure for setting the arm step-by-step: swinging the arms back, modifying the arms' clearances for the opposite cylinder using a set of blocks and then checking the settings.

Contact breaker settings

Whenever any work is carried out on the ignition system, the distances between the contact breakers should be checked. But this should also be done along with other regular maintenance. For the engine to run properly, find out how to set the ignition coil cam, check it using a set of blocks and then modify the settings.


A tricky issue for most old cars. Learn how your vehicle's cooling system works so that you can take care of it. Checks and operations to carry out on a regular basis (cleaning, descaling, etc.), find out what the correct position for the engine temperature regulator is, choose the right coolant and apply the right settings for the ventilation pressure switch. You'll know everything there is to know about your car's cooling system.

All of these workshops were given by Mr. Léger and Mr. Pedreiro, both of whom teach at the GARAC centre specialising in professions for the automotive industry. You'll find them at the C7 Auto Plus Classiques stand (Hall 1).