A woman, a collection

Retromobile, a real institution for lovers of motor cars and beautiful old machines, focuses its 41st show on women sharing a universal passion: motor cars and classics. This world, generally considered to be a masculine one, conceals a passionate woman, read on to find out more about her!


Julia, a woman & collector

With her elegance, smile and communicative enthusiasm, Julia shines forth in this world, which is so often described as very masculine. Equally at ease on her piano stool and the bucket seat of one of the racing cars she drives with such panache, this music lover takes as much pleasure in listening to a Chopin melody as she does in the heavy throb of an eight-cylinder engine! While she has no pretensions to being a great driver, victory for her is "being at the start and being at the finish" - the position does not matter very much. 

The fragrance of a perfume from a great couturier enchants her to the same extent as that of methanol or castor oil.

Her passion for cars goes back to her early childhood, and the eclectic choice that guides her collection is often the fruit of chance and random encounters. She likes to say that it is not her who chooses the cars but rather the cars that choose her. 

As proof of this, in 1999 she bought the Bugatti 35B that could have been driven by either Elizabeth Juneck or Tazio Nuvolari in its heyday and then realised that all three of them shared the same birthday in November.

Her 100% feminine models

Among the cars in the collection, there are no less than three "women's" cars:

  • The one-off Bugatti Type 40 Fiacre that Jean Bugatti had made for his sister Lidia
  • The 1965 McLaren single-seater that belonged to Britain's Patsy Burt
  • Kitty Maurice's Frazer Nash coupé

An outstanding stable

Julia offers us the opportunity to share her passion through a representative selection of cars that will be exhibited at Retromobile.

Alta - 1,5 GP - 1500 cc – 1955

Allegedely built for Robert (later Roberta) Cowell. Featured in the motion picture "Mask of Dust", shot at Goodwood in 1954. Then exported to Australia


Aston Martin Headlam Coupé -1500 cc - 1930

Build on a special order to W. Headlam specifications by Bertelli.
Julia saw the car and convinced the owner to sell

Aston Martin

Frazer Nash - Le Mans coupé – 2000 cc -1955

Bough by Kitty Maurice, the owner of Castle Coombe Estate and developer of the circuit. Raced at Le Mans in 1959


Bugatti 35B – 2300 cc - 1929 Works car till 1937

Works car till 1937. Came to England in 1938 and always raced since.  
Julia's promise to race at Monaco Historic prompted acquisition

Bugatti 35B

McLaren - M3A – 4900 cc -1965

Ex Patsy Burt, many hill climb championship wins by a woman competing against men


Bugatti T 40 "Lidia" – 1500 cc – 1928

Designed by Jean Bugatti for the sister Lidia. In the Bugatti family till the '70s.
Many rallies in the hand of Julia..

Bugatti - Lydia

Maserati A6GCM – 2000 cc -1951

First non-supercharged Maserati. Julia saw the car at a race meeting  and told the owner: "when you want to sell, find me". Better achievements in the hands of Julia than in period

Maserati -A6G

Voisin C14 Chartre – 2600 cc – 1930

One of two existing. A car Julia disliked at the beginning, till she starting liking her a lot! Class winner at Peeble Beach, 2nd in Class "Iconoclastic interiors" at Chantillly 2015, featured in "Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde"


Volkswagen-XL1 – white – 800 cc - 2014

One of 200. Will become a collector item in 20 years

Volkswagen - XL1

Wolseley Doctor's Coupe - 1100 cc - 1922

One of three existing. The oldest car in the collection and one to keep for "rainy days"