Michel Vaillant Art Strips

A praise to the JEAN GRATON’s talent

Jean Graton created the character Michel Vaillant exactly sixty years ago in 1957. His art made numerous generations of readers dream, introduced them to motorsport, and inspired great pilots, journalists and engineers to their careers.


Michel Vaillant Art Strips are based on original Jean Graton drawings, reworked and highlighted by Dominique Graton, artistic director of Jean Graton’s Foundation. The combined talents of the drawer and the graphic designer give birth to new oeuvres in large format. Michel Vaillant Art Strips propel the cult of motorsport into contemporary art.


The Jean Graton’s Foundation oversees the limited edition (30 copies) of these numbered artworks, each with a certificate of authenticity. Discover his art on the website as well as, in real and in big format, at Rétromobile show.