Elgin Park

Published on by Amandine Romano Pierard - updated on

When an artist combines two passions – the result is the miniature world of Michael Paul Smith: Elgin Park.

You've most likely never heard of him, and yet it really is worth taking a look at what he can do with his camera.

Michael Paul Smith is an artist/photographer who is also a classic car enthusiast. Because it's often easier to arrange miniatures on a shelf than it is to line up full-scale models in a garage, our man developed such a passion for them that he started making them himself. But making them was not enough. One day, as he despondently watched his little cars gathering dust on his bookshelf, he had the idea of putting them in motion. He thus succeeded in combining two of his passions – photography and miniature cars. By drawing on the simple cinema techniques of the 1920s, he was able to create a genuine optical effect. These shots transform simple objects of admiration into a genuine action scene – so much so that our eye is fooled.


https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/