Cathy Dubuisson

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Cathy Dubuisson, – a journalist/photographer who captures her subjects and highlights them.

Is posing involved? No! Lamps and a studio? Certainly not! Her signature: “Natural light”.

"There is no light without shadow”, as Louis Aragon once said.

A fine quotation which completely resonates with our artist – someone who is so skilled in capturing the slightest natural glimmer emanating from this shadow.

A "reflex" that she acquired back when she was 12 years old. A passion for cars, possibly hereditary, or maybe just the knowledge and sensitivity of an enthusiast. Thanks dad.

In her hands, the car becomes a model. Through her finesse, our photographer knows how to make the most of the lines of her model, showcasing them.

Cathy is always just about to leave and enjoys movement. Light is something that she plays with. That's also something back to which we might be able to trace the origin of her passion for cars and natural photography. In this notion of the speed of light to the speed of time as it passes, when it comes to victory in a race or a successful shot, everything comes down to just a fraction of a second. There's nothing cliched about our artist – she's not interested in going over old ground. With her keen eye, she sees and is able to capture what many people would simply discard from their gaze.

While some are blinded by light, she, on the other hand, harnesses it via her lens and – without interfering with reality – turns it into something magical. She captures just an instant of what might appear ordinary and “poeticizes” it in an image. Doing so creates emotion, giving way to an imaginary story. When one contemplates one of her photographs, it is easy to get "sucked up" by their light. We are carried away into reverie. We find ourselves in a duality where we feel movement, action and speed. Or conversely, fixed in time, we find ourselves aware of space, of the detail which had previously escaped us enabling us to abhor another vision. For example, the front section of a fine classic car becomes the nose of a shark, or raindrops transform into a river of diamonds.


She does not change their light – she exploits what shadow and light have to offer us in their natural state.