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Ivan Dutton Limited

Ivan Dutton Limited - Classic car sellers

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Peacehaven Farm
Worminghall Road



Bugatti Car Sales, Restoration & Parts. Our workshops, dyno cell, body shop, toolroom and car stores occupy nearly 20,000 square feet (1,850 m2) of buildings on our farm in rural Buckinghamshire. Set in the ideal environment to enjoy vintage motoring with winding lanes and great pubs. This is also the "silicone valley of the motor-racing industry" with many Formula One teams and Silverstone nearby. We regularly have 20 Bugattis on site undergoing restoration, our showroom holds parts, displays and Bugatti miscellany alongside Bugattis looking for a new home.

Our workshop ethos essentially follows two distinct policies. Firstly, we invest as necessary in patterns and tooling for high quality new parts which exactly match the originals. These we make available as raw castings or forgings, finish machined parts or as sub-assemblies.

Secondly, we keep abreast of developments in materials and manufacturing processes which allow us to produce superior parts which do not impact visually on the cars but significantly improve the longevity and driveability of Bugatti cars of all models. Examples being modern replacement paper element oil filters which fit inside the original Bugatti filter body providing a major improvement in oil filtration and an overdrive conversion for Type 43, 44, 49, 40 and 57 Bugattis. This helps to compensate for the higher average speeds now achievable using motorways without sacrificing flexibility on country lanes. Sintered clutch conversions for most Bugatti models are also carried out. Whilst not altering the original metal to metal concept, this type of clutch requires very little maintenance and gives increased duability, very suitable if the car is entered for competition.Our restoration department has an unparalleled reputation throughout the world. Cars prepared by us have competed successfully in many retrospective events, such as the Peking to Paris rally, where the cars have to perform well under extreme conditions. The same knowledge and expertise is utilised in the preparation of cars used for more relaxed and sedate meetings, which can be infinitely more enjoyable occasions. All our customers are secure in the knowledge that their cars will perform reliably.

A side benefit on this involvement in motorsport is the appreciation of deadlines and the ability to meet tight time schedules when required. This has led to us being able to carry out most of the major activities in the restoration of cars in-house, obliviating the need to rely on other companies' lead-times.

With in-house specialist welding and machining facilities, we are rarely held up by unavailable parts, and we can repair rather than replace those treasured original parts, which often get discarded.

In addition to major restoration work, we often carry out routine maintenance on clients' cars, a service which we often do on other marques of distinction which happen to sneak in.

We have a dynamometer testing facility which allows us to maximise performance and reliability, and have specialist knowledge of drive train and suspension design. Although this service is not generally on offer, we can be tempted to undertake interesting and challenging projects.

We can manufacture new chassis from high quality steel on our own precision jigs, including hollow front axles. Thanks to years of investment in the correct high quality patterns, the parts we manufacture are exact and this saves much time in the service and restoration processes.


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