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F&F Collection

F&F Collection - Classic car sellers

Stands :

1 R 085

94150 RUNGIS



F&F Collection is involved in italian classic cars, period 60's to 80s, mostly. We started our adventure in 2014, by exporting from Italy to France those little beautiful Fiat 500. Since, we have made a lot of work and we are proud, now, to show some of the best italian models in our showroom, in Bazoches / Guyonne (78490, near Versailles). Or on our stock, either throught a dedicated research for our customers, with the possibilty to restore each car in Italy or in France with specialised partners. We love to work on Bertone series (1st or 2nd) and also the Alfetta's, GTV6 included, Lancia Fulvia, Fiat 500 of course but also 850 coupé ...
Finally, F&F Collection has a lot of interest and passion dedicated to small italian productions, better known as ecceterini like OSI, Moretti, Ghia, Cisitalia ...