The Fiat Versatile tractor, the giant of the fields

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It is at the center of the exhibition of agricultural tractors that this monster will be exposed.

Tracteur, Fiat Versatile
Fiat Versatile

In 2019 we had the Berliet T100, the giant of the desert!

In 2020 we have the Fiat Versatile, the giant of the fields!

4m wide, 4m high, 7m long and weighs 13 tonnes, the Fiat Versatile is massive, it is a champion in its heavyweight category. It is part of the large family of giant tractors. Thanks to its powerful 6-cylinder engine and its twin wheels, 2 meters in diameter, work doesn’t scare it, it can works for hundreds of hours and plow hundreds of hectares.

It perfectly suited the needs of large French farms in 1980. This rare tractor arrived new on the farm. He has been faithful for almost 35 years. Each year this giant resumes service for sowing.

The transport of this geant tractor is a delicate operation. Once again Philippe Premat from Transport PREMAT takes up the challenge. The giant tractor will arrive at the Porte de Versailles on Saturday, February 1 in the early morning.