Retromobile 2020: manufacturers in the spotlight

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Retromobile is an unmissable event for companies in the automotive industry, particularly for manufacturers. And this 45th edition will be no exception to the rule. Brimming with unusual cars and with celebrations galore, the most eagerly-awaited international event for classic car enthusiasts has even more surprises up its sleeve!

Renault – A word from the enthusiasts

For the first time, Renault will be hosting a participatory exhibition at its 570 m² stand at this year’s Rétromobile: enthusiasts have chosen ten of the cars on show from a selection of 40 models in the Renault Classic collection. This is a first in the Show’s history. Every week, people got to vote for their preference on the Renault Classic Facebook page, the final result being a stand that perfectly showcases the wealth of Renault’s expertise. 12 vehicles were selected this way: three from before the war (a 1910 Renault Type BY, a 1929 Renault Type LO «Fire engine» and a 1935 Renault Vivasport Cabriolet), but it was the 1960s and 1970s which proved most popular among people (a Renault 12 Abidjan Nice – the estate car that won the Abidjan-Nice rally in 1975, a 1994 Renault Clio Williams, a 1972 Renault Torino, a 1984 Renault 5TX, a 1972 Renault 17 TL and a 1961 Renault Floride). A selection which shows
just how eclectic the make can be. Renault Classic has chosen another two cars from the significant number put forward by private collectors:
• a surprising US version of the Fuego Turbo, to celebrate its 40th birthday.
• a splendid and extremely rare Primaquatre Saprar with bodywork by Marcel Pourtout based on a design by Georges Paulin in 1939, to celebrate the Primaquatre’s 90th birthday.
The new Espace Initiale Paris will also be previewed, alongside a 1910 Renault Type BY travel saloon, of which it is the proud descendant: both of these Renault touring cars are veritable “living rooms on wheels”, providing their passengers with comfort and lots of space.


PSA: a year of celebration

For the first time in the show’s history, the PSA group will be represented by all three of its manufacturers: Peugeot, Citroën and DS. The group will be celebrating several of its models’ birthdays at a stand extending over more than 957 m² in hall 1. While Peugeot is celebrating the 60th birthday of its 404 and referencing its 200 series following the launch of the famous 208, Citroën will be showcasing the GS to celebrate its 50th birthday. And DS will be marking 50 years of the legendary SM.

Peugeot 404
Peugeot 404

Škoda: 125 years of motoring passion

Back at Rétromobile, the Czech company does not want anybody to forget that it was one of the automotive industry’s pioneers.
The company originally known as Laurin & Klement – specialised in building and repairing bicycles – and now known as Skoda is celebrating its 125th birthday. To mark the occasion, the brand is pulling out all the stops and exhibiting six outstanding vehicles: a 1908 Laurin & Klement BSC, the only surviving sports car of 12 originally built, a Škoda Superb OHV that made quite a splash after the Second World War, the first Škoda Octavia, a Škoda 130 RS, of which only 38 were ever built, and finally the Vision E concept car, Škoda’s first electric car – a five-door autonomous SUV coupé. And the company will be exhibiting its first-ever bicycle – the L&K.


Bugatti: a masterpiece for every era

Bugatti will also be at the 45th edition of Rétromobile with three iconic models taken from the pages of its history. The Type 35, unveiled on 3 August 1924 and which went on to be the most successful of the Bugatti racing models will be on show alongside the legendary EB110SS and the extremely famous Bugatti Veyron. Bugatti will also be using Rétromobile to present a certification programme for its more recent models.

T35 Proto 1924
T35 Proto 1924

FC Heritage: an illustrious history

The Italian-American group has started celebrating Alfa Romeo’s 110th birthday in Paris and will be presenting its Heritage programme’s most recent developments. This is a special edition for FCA: Alfa Romeo is celebrating its 110th birthday. It all began back in 1910 with the first model – the Alfa 24 HP – designed by engineer Giuseppe Merosi. Last year, the star of the Rétromobile 2019 by Artcurial Motorcars auction was actually a superb 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta, which found a new owner for more than €16 million! To celebrate the make’s 110th birthday, FCA will be showcasing three Alfa Romeos – the very first Alfa Romeo ever built (the Alfa Romeo 24HP), the new 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia and the famous 6C 1500 SS which ensured the transalpine brand’s status among the legends of motor racing. FCA will also be using Rétromobile to celebrate 40 years of the Fiat Panda, and will be featuring three models which retrace the brand’s history – from the very first 1980 Fiat Panda 30 to the 2006 Panda Jolly and the City Cross Trussardi. Finally, the group will be unveiling a programme that will delight Lancia Delta Integrale owners: its bumpers are being rebuilt by the FCA’s Mopar parts division.

Lancia Delta Integrale 16V © Alfa Romeo
Lancia Delta Integrale 16V © Alfa Romeo

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Kombis that everybody wants

The German make’s flagship model and a leisure vehicle that has achieved cult status, the Volkswagen Kombi continues to charm both adults and children alike. Inspiration to travel! Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will be showcasing four Kombis at its stand, representing the famous vehicle’s evolution over the years: a T1, a T2 Coca-Cola, a T3 and a T4 Freestyle.

VW Combi T1 © Volkswagen
VW Combi T1 © Volkswagen

Porsche – a century ahead of the game

This year, Porsche has decided to combine tradition and innovation. It will be showing the Semper Vivus, the first ever completely operational hybrid vehicle that was exhibited in 1900 at the Paris Universal Exhibition, together with the all electric Porsche Taycan, immersing visitors in the world of Ferdinand Porsche. The bodywork of a Porsche Classic, borrowed from the Porsche Classic Stuttgart workshops, will also be on show at the Porsche stand. It will provide visitors with an insight into what is involved in bodywork restoration, the motto being: keep whenever possible, replace only when necessary. And Porsche will be unveiling the winner of the Classic restoration competition based on the theme “Classic meets Motorsport”.

Polo Storico Lamborghini – Miuras in the spotlight

Preserve and promote Lamborghini’s heritage – that’s the raison d’être of the “Polo Storico” department. The Miuras that the Polo Storico department is showing at Rétromobile have been restored by specialist engineers and mechanics in accordance with standard practice and to original specifications, in compliance with a strict validation process. Modern tools are used to ensure a high level of quality.

Lamborghini Polo Storico, la Miura en vedette
Lamborghini Polo Storico, la Miura 1

Aston Martin Works: cars with busy lives

For the 45th Rétromobile, Aston Martin Works is doing everything it can to delight the most hardcore enthusiasts, exhibiting classic cars with pasts charged with emotion. The famous AMV8 VANTAGE X-PACK will be on show, together with the original ASTON MARTIN DB6 and the ASTON MARTIN DB4 SERIES I.
- AMV8 VANTAGE X-PACK: this vehicle is considered the ultimate saloon derived from the AMV8. For collectors and investors, it is the most attractive version by far.
- ASTON MARTIN DB6: this masterpiece has travelled the world in the company of motoring enthusiasts. It was first presented as a wedding present by a husband hopelessly in love with his wife before the couple set off on a trip around England. The DB6 then travelled through the US, stopped off in the Middle East before finally returning to England. Many visitors will be fascinated by this ASTON MARTIN DB6.

ASTON MARTIN DB4 SERIES I: in 1959, the DB4 SERIES I was sold new in Paris and then from 1985 to 2007 was part of a collection of classic Aston Martins. In 2018, it was returned to England where it was given a new interior and a freshly rebuilt engine.

Aston Martin DB6 © Aston Martin
Aston Martin DB6 © Aston Martin