Partner museums of Rétromobile

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The "A manufacturer… a tractor" exhibition is a combined effort at the 2020 Rétromobile exhibition. These unusual tractors are from private collectors and associations, as well as museums, and relate the history of work undertaken by people deeply rooted in their regions. This event pays tribute to the people who devoted their lives to protect this rural heritage to create a museum from it.

Maurice Dufresne Museum

Le Musée Maurice Dufresne partenaire du salon Rétromobile
Musée Maurice Dufresne

Maurice Dufresne owned a metal salvage business and since he was passionate about mechanics, he saved hundreds of vehicles, tools and industrial machines from destruction. Located in Azay-le-Rideau, right in the heart of the Centre-Val-de-Loire region, the Maurice Dufresne Museum houses an impressive, authentic collection of old vehicles, cars, bicycles, aeroplanes, lorries, motorcycles, tractors, farm and military equipment, vintage posters and unusual period objects – representing a fully-fledged retro-mechanical heritage spanning the 1850s to the 1950s. A visit lasting nearly three hours showcasing more than 3000 exceptional items. For the 45th edition of Rétromobile, the Maurice Dufresne Museum will be exhibiting two farm tractors as part of its "A tractor, a manufacturer" exhibition: a 1920 Citroën Vigneron, and an extremely rare 1938 Alfa Romeo Balilla.

Visitors with a 2020 Rétromobile ticket will get reduced entry to the Maurice Dufresne Museum: €8.50, instead of €12. 

The Charolais Agricultural Machinery Museum

Le Musée Charolais du Machinisme Agricole partenaire du salon Rétromobile
Le Musée Charolais du Machinisme Agricole

The Charolais Agricultural Machinery Museum is in Neuvy-Grandchamp, a village in the Saône et Loire département, in southern Burgundy.  A vast collection of some 400 old machines is housed in a 1500 m² building. Tractors and towed machinery, together with engines and shoeing machines can be found cheek by jowl with steam-powered locomobiles. A dive into France's agricultural history through a collection of machines kept in perfect working order. In the summertime, visitors can see them in operation and take part in events.

Visitors with a 2020 Rétromobile ticket will get reduced entry to the Charolais Agricultural Machinery Museum: €4, instead of €5. 


Le musée COMPA partenaire du salon Rétromobile

The COMPA is France’s agricultural conservatory: a museum that combines science, technology, history, art and more. The museum is ranked as one of the most popular in the Centre region (in terms of visitor numbers) and is aimed at families, tourists and schoolchildren. It has an ambitious mediation policy, which endows it with a high level of regional and national legitimacy in terms of temporary exhibitions, cultural events and education. Run by the Eure-et-Loir region's county council, it opened in 1990. It is located in a former "steam machine engine shed", evidence of the industrial architecture prevalent at the start of the 20th century. It houses an outstanding collection of instruments, tools and machines which retrace the agricultural revolution of the 20th and 19th centuries. It is a museum about society that aims to provide some bearings in an ever-changing world. It offers visitors an opportunity to explore contemporary challenges to do with agriculture, the environment and food.

Visitors with a 2020 Rétromobile ticket will get reduced entry to the COMPA: €3, instead of €5.

Rural Conservatory of Gascogne 

Le Conservatoire Rural de Gascogne partenaire du salon Rétromobile
Conservatoire Rural de Gascogne

This extraordinary rural heritage showcase is located in the heart of Casteljaloux, a charming little town that is typical of the Lot-et-Garonne region. It houses more than 200 old tractors, as well as farm and forestry machinery from France, Europe and all of the world, restored to perfect working order and retracing rural history. If enthusiasts are to be believed, Christian Castagnet’s collection was always worthy of inclusion in a museum. And now it is: just as he was retiring, he and his wife Joëlle purchased an old sawmill tinged with local family history and founded the Rural Conservatory of Gascogne. Nowadays, Joëlle and Christian receive visits from the general public – both groups and individuals – and tell them all about the history of agricultural machinery.

Visitors with a 2020 Rétromobile ticket will get reduced entry to the Rural Conservatory of Gascogne: €4, instead of €5.