The mysteries at the Retromobile show

When the history doesn' tell everything

At and we focus not only on our marketplace. We are car enthusiasts ourselves. In our online blog, we share our passion with stories of old cars. And quite often have ’The mysteries’. On this year Retromobile show, you not only see the most fantastic cars for sale but you could also dream of a real mystery car at our stand!

A treewheeled car, dated around 1902 and equipped with a 600cc single cylinder engine with water cooled head. The transmission is a simple three pulley system. the operator just had to choose the right one before take-off. There is a wooden/leather/steel cone clutch to disengage the engine from the driven rear wheel. the drive belt has a v-shape and is made from stacked leather layers that are riveted together by meaning of bronze rivets. Regarding the make. Is it a AutoMoto or something else? The only thing we found was a printed business card of the maker nailed to the side of the bodywork. It simply says: "J Defrance"    "Automobiliste Constructeur" and in handwriting "Quintenas" which is a little town in the Ardèche France.

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