Renault put the design in the spotlight

11 vehicles that illustrated the Renault style

Renault was promoting its design by exhibiting 11 vehicles that illustrate the Renault style, from vintage vehicles to the most recent concept cars.

Renault Type XB de 1907

Renault Type CH de 1911

Renault 40 CV Type JV de 1922

Reinastella de 1933

Viva Grand Sport de 1935

Juvaquatre de 1950

Floride de 1961

Renault 5 Turbo de 1982

Laguna Concept Car, presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1990

Initiale Concept Car, 1995

At the end, there was the Trezor Concept Car (Renault's most recent concept car), presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2016

The Alpine story was presented through six Alpine classic cars: A106, A108, A110, A310, GTA, and A610; plus the 2016 concept car Alpine Vision.