Auto Plus Classiques WORKSHOPS

Auto Plus Classiques, in partnership with the GARAC, offered to you workshop directly on a 4L

For the second year running, Auto Plus Classiques, in partnership with the GARAC centre, leaded 3 workshops. These will focus directly on a 4L on show at their stand. You could find out how to carry out a service and what the rocker arm settings should be… and you had a broad overview of the car's electrical system and using a multimeter.

1. Workshop  "Service"

Subjects tackled:

  • list of essential operations,
  • frequency,
  • advice on choosing the right lubricants and other fluids for the car,
  • best practice for changing spark plugs (adjusting the electrodes and analysing combustion quality),
  • replacing the oil filter and changing the oil.                                                                                                        

2. Workshop "Rocker arm settings"

A regular maintenance operation which should be carried out on old cars as the valve seats wear. The method will be looked into step-by-step (swinging the arms back, modifying the arms' clearances for the opposite cylinder using a set of blocks and then checking the settings).

3. Workshop "Electrical system and multimeter"

An essential tool if you want a problem-free electrical circuit. You'll find out, in detail, everything you need to know in order to use it properly. You will learn how to measure voltage, intensity, resistance and continuity so you can check your old car's power supply and ignition.

Event run by GARAC centre specialising in professions for the automotive industry at the Auto Plus Classiques stand.

A technical/practical information centre

Auto Plus Classiques was also running a technical/practical information centre Over the 5 days of Rétromobile, you met Auto Plus Classiques journalists and specialists from the GARAC.

They answered all of your technical questions (engine maintenance, changing parts, bodywork, etc.), as well as any practical ones you might have (insurance for old cars, finding a bargain, etc.).